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Originally Posted by RenoF250 View Post
The brain eating bacteria came from the water they put in them not a dirty pot. The cases I head about were all in the South where their water is known to have that bacteria.
I hadn't heard that before, but it's yet another good reason why only distilled water should be used in them and state so in the directions, at least the ones made by NeilMed do.

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
check out the waterpick style battery powered ones. awesome
Hmmm, a pressure washer for the sinuses may not be a bad idea. Do you have a link to any models you know of?

Originally Posted by Hamilton Burger View Post
I eventually blew out a booger that was solid, about the size of my index finger, and covered in bloody slime. It only came out part of the way; I had to grab & pull it out, an odd sensation; felt like it had roots behind my left eyeball!
I've had one of those monsters come out before and it certainly felt odd, just like how you described the one you had did.
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