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I'm now on a Bold. How are notifications, email beep when you get one,
This was what surprised me about android the most. I was told that Android did not have true push notifications. Maybe previous versions did not I suppose but Ice cream sandwich and Jelly bean certainly do.

I get notifications just as fast as I did with blackberry. In ICS or JB you can set how you want to be notified down to the blink rate of the pulse notification light to how many times you get beeped.

I have Gmail and get push notifications of my emails and the drop down notification bar in JB actually contains most of the message. click on it and it opens the message in your email.

How is your energy management, did you have to root it and manually turn stuff off?
Mine is great but then I don't do youtube, facebook or twitter. or watch movies on my phone.

So battery life is pretty much dependent on your use. I can get three days out of a charge because I mostly stay on WiFi instead of 3g (4LTE is not available in my area yet.) I also keep GPS off unless I need it.

In ICS and Jelly bean I have not had to root to turn stuff off the apps that cannot be removed can be disabled in settings.

How is the camera quality?
I have the Galaxy Nexus with 5MP camera I would rate it at fair. other android phones have 8MP and are considered better cameras but the 5MP is fine for me.

You mentioned the bold I would definitely say the 5MP camera on my Galaxy is better than the bold. the GNex has auto focus and the new bolds do not.

If you have not handled an android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean it is a completely different experience than previous builds of Android. they are fast, smooth, and stable.
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