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Should your home owners insurance be able to drop you while your home is burning to the ground?

Don't get me wrong. I'm pro-Romney, and I hate Obamacare. But, I do recognize that there are some good points to it too. If Obamacare gets repealed, I hope tort reform will be enacted. Lawsuits are a major reason why healthcare costs go up. People need to understand there is an inherent risk to everything we do. That includes seeing the doctor. It's statistical fact. However, I think doctors should be civilly liable for gross negligence such as cutting off a right leg when it was the left that should have been removed.

Also, it's not the childs fault it was born with a genetic defect such as autism or MS. Nor is it the parents fault. Healthcare should be more accessible to them than a smoker or alcoholic. Smoking and alcoholism are a choice. Life insurance doesn't cover suicide.

So, why not have a bunch of separate simple laws passed to cover the good points about Obamacare, such as not being dropped for preexisting conditions and no maximum lifetime cap for medical coverage?

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