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Originally Posted by dhgeyer View Post
I am convinced that the real problem is that 17 degree slant in the extractor claw. Think about it. The extractor is only under maximum tension when the barrel is all the way up and the slide is in battery. Once you link down, because of that angle, the extractor has moved in a little and is not under full tension. And that is the point where extraction/ejection happens, not when the barrel is up. And the rather weak spring setup doesn't help. ...

What I really wonder is if the Apex folks have corrected that blunder. Anyone take a picture of the front of one showing the claw angle?
I think you are exactly right. Here are some rough measurements of the force required to knock the casing loose from the extractor when the casing is just before contacting the ejector.

Stock extractor, stock SLB: 55 grams
Old nonLCI extractor, nonLCI SLB: 185 grams.

Some intermediate numbers:
Stock extractor, nonLCI SLB: 90 grams
nonLCI extractor, stock SLB: 135 grams

From the pictures I've seen of the Apex extractor, it looks to me like it is nonLCI with the parallel claw.

Incidentally, I'm about ready to declare victory using the nonLCI extractor and the 30274 ejector. I've shot about 200 rounds with that combination with only one casing hitting me in the chest. All others went about 6 feet at 4 o'clock.

Even with the nonLCI extractor and the 336 ejector, I only got 3 to the head and one to the shoulder out of 125 rounds. I used to get that many out of one magazine.

FWIW, I tried half a dozen shots with the new setup without a mag. I got 2 falling through the mag well and one stovepipe but three actually ejected. Not very well, to be sure, but they did eject.

I have had one failure to feed, the only one in some 900 rounds. For now, I'm going to blame it on the KCI mag.

I'm still not completely happy - I think it should eject perfectly without assistance from the next cartridge. But the only place I can think of to look next is the extractor spring so I will be pondering what you've been doing there.
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