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Originally Posted by Raleigh Glocker View Post
I mention this in the video right before getting beaned by Ranger T-Series 127gr +p+. As mentioned, they (and even weak ammo) worked great until that very day.
OK, so much for that theory. Not the weak ammo.

Here's another thing I noticed. At precisely two minutes and fifty seconds into the video, you show the G17 in profile close up. The assembly tensioning the extractor is in backwards. The spring loaded bearing (SLB) is plainly visible just behind the extractor with a coil of the spring showing also. Did you, just by any chance, have the pistol in this condition when you were shooting the video? The spring coil that is showing could easily bind on the front of the channel it's in, as that end is quite sharp (sharp enough to chew up the front of the extractor depressor plunger after just a few hundred rounds).

Here's a screen shot I took from your video showing what I am talking about.

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