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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
How can you say that?

Personally I'd rather be a gunman than a gunman's target. All it takes is ONE red hot case to the eye and you're out of the fight!

One other thing: When I was a small boy my mother told me, 'Son, if you ever want to succeed at anything in your life, you're going to have to understand the problem for yourself.' 'Losers are people who rely on others to do their thinking for them; they don't really understand what they're up against; and, consequently, they get burned.'

When the day comes that I need Glock, Smyrna to do my thinking for me ....... I'll sell all my guns and take up fishing.
Sure, BTF is a gray area with regards to what you might call "reliable function," but I'd rather a gun go "bang" and hit me with brass than a gun go "click" or fail to cycle the next round.

I'm not making these videos for you or anyone else that keeps telling me I should just fix this myself. I want to see what Glock does because that's the best that most Gen 4 owners will ever get. Think of it as smoking out everything you get when you buy a Glock, including customer service/warranty work.

I've got plenty of guns I tinker with because that's their nature (ARs I've built myself, the Handi Rifle featured in another video that's giving me fits with vertical stringing, etc.). This is a chance to define the "Glock experience" for the average customer. You might consider them "losers," by your definition, but I don't judge those who buy Glocks specifically because they are just supposed to work that harshly.
Glock videos and more!

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