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Originally Posted by MDLibertarian View Post
As someone who's suffered from chronic, severe sinus infections for more than 26 years I can say they do help, but be sure you follow the instructions for use, especially the ones pertaining to cleaning them, the lack of which was a contributing factor that led to the "brain-eating bacteria" that a few people experienced when they didn't clean them properly. Personally, I place mine in the microwave for 1 minute on high after each use and then let it air dry upside down. Also, use only distilled water in them. You should heat the water in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds on high since that's all you need for the premixed salt packets to dissolve and for the mixture to be warm enough to do the job, but not hot enough to harm your sinuses. I use mine almost daily, but especially during the two times of year when I'm most susceptible to them, or anytime I've been exposed to large amounts of dust or pollen.

Here is the method I use:

Do this twice daily at the onset of the infection, during the infection, and for a week after the infection, preferably after taking a hot shower or at least after placing placing a hot, damp towel on your face for a few minutes breathing in the steam. Over a sink (not that I should have to say that, but...), tilt your head forward so its slightly lower than level with the ground, turn it sideways slightly more than 90 deg., pour half of the mixture into your nose while keeping your mouth open (reduces any back pressure), and try not to breath while the mixture is passing through. Then tilt your head so you're facing the opposite direction and pour in the remaining half of the mixture. Once you've done that, snort what's left of the mixture (whatever didn't already drain out of your nose) back into your sinuses then blow it out through your nose while keeping your mouth open to, once again, reduce any back pressure.
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