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Originally Posted by Rancher View Post
Got one now. Had it for almost a week. Some days it is like my jaw won't close right and my teeth don't line up. Just dealing with it. I have dealt with them all my life.

About 5 years ago went to an ENT and he said I need surgery to do a roto-rooter type job on my sinuses. Got ready for the big day. Had to have my folks down to watch the kids. Was an outpatient procedure but was having to spend night in city cause he said area is so vascular it my need re-packed if it started bleeding. Was also not going to be able to lift anything over like 10 or 20 pounds for over a week so needed help on the farm.

Was getting prepped and nurse asked me a bunch of questions. Guess they forgot to give me patient hand out saying no asprin. I take one a day. Guy refused to do surgery, don't blame him. Guess the lady that was supposed to give me stuff had been out of office for a few weeks. So I go home and never have gone back to get it done. Really need to.

I was born with no sense of smell. ENT said my sinus cavity is screwed up causing the chronic infections and even with surgery would not get sense of smell, said nerve damage was done.

Good luck with yours.

Rancher I had this done 1/11 along with a septoplasty. Most miserable experience of my life. They found I had a pseudomonas infx which ultimately required aerosol vancomycin for 30days.

However, while I've had a few sinus infxs over the last year I've only needed antibiotics once. They typically last 5 days or so and are FAR less severe and debilitating.

I can't say that I'd do it again but I'm glad its done.
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