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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
I am not worried about people insulting me. The truth is, his statements are factually incorrect.

He may be telling the truth that his brother in law said those things...but it is still utter nonsense.

It is similar to someone saying the Pope is not Catholic. Yes, it is that insane a comment. If I was that wrong about something, and getting even louder about being that wrong, I would hope someone would stop me from making such a fool out of myself.

This is not a "grey" issue. This is not Rabbi forcing his opinion on people. This is a very binary issue. It is impossible for an engineer to not recognize physics as science. To say so would be similar to claiming the word "hat" is not a word. (as you say it and spell it out while providing a functional definition of the word "hat.")
I find it interesting that you are wholeheartedly backing up your profession when some teachers were doing the same in this thread.

Perhaps some misconceptions in education as there are in engineering, eh?
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