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Originally Posted by Fire_Medic View Post
100% correct sorry for the misinformation on my part.
Just tryin' to help out, FM--I had to go to the beginning of the thread to make sure I knew which pistol he was having problems with (a G17 or G19...)

I'm hoping (like a lot of folks are) that there is a fix to all of this, and that Glock will make good to get everyone replacement parts needed to get their firearms in proper working order.

I'll contact them next week to see what their current parts list looks like. With the recent articles posted here regarding new/flat/non-MIM extractors, along with SLBs, I'll probably order a few extras just to have in the toolbox in case I start seeing some weirdo stuff happening.

Most of the time, I can correlate the powder charges I'm loading up with how the brass ejects from the pistols. As long as I'm loading on the hot-side of the scale, stock parts work just fine for me.
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