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Originally Posted by GSSF17 View Post
Sad news, fellas. Nothing but good experiences here, but apparently I am in the minority. Too bad.
Ya, it sucks. Saw a lot of potential with these guys, but they flew too close to the sun. My PSA build experiences, in order of builds, including friend's guns I put together...

#1) My Beater AR. Went silky smooth, LBK, charging handle, and BCG was in my hands in a matter of days, upper took two weeks, but I knew that ahead of time. All parts were GTG.

#2) Same deal, except they left the LPK out of the build kit, lol.

#3) Upper showed up in the usual 2 weeks, no sign of the CH or carry handle rear sight. I called. They forgot that part of my order. CS made it right, but annoying none the less.

#4) LPK missing the roll-pin for the bolt catch, and the detent for the buffer.

#5) No buffer, spring, end-plate, nut, or tube.

#6) Upper receiver left completely bare inside.

As time goes by, not only have orders been screwed up more and more, CS has quickly become less and less willing to help in any way.

My BCM build experiences? I don't need to list them individually, here it is...

Orders show up quickly, with prompt shipping notification. When I open the boxes, everything I ordered is there, along with a nice pile of free shwag. All parts are GTG, fit and finish is top-notch. Never had any problems, but when I've called with questions, CS has been really helpful. Cool, down to Earth guys.

Originally Posted by Cole125 View Post
I am done with PSA too. They gave me the same treatment as you got about my flawed upper I got from them. I am planning on parting it out, and selling it at a loss.

I'm building a nice new upper(top tier parts) for the lower that I built for that stupid PSA upper. Oh well live and learn, and at least we'll end up with the rifles we really wanted to begin with.
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