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I have always liked my Smith brand knife sharpener. It works on everything up to D2 and is not that much money. I was never able to master the art of flat stone sharpening. One of these days I should probably get a soft knife and learn how.

The other thought is learn how to live with your knife. My knife stress test is using the knife for a month. I quickly learned what I liked and what I didn't. Where I could carry and where I can't. \

I am still learning.
I was never able to sharpen on a flat stone until I tried out an inexpensive Scandi ground Mora Knife. I keep my Gransfors axes shaving sharp, and my Mora carbon knives are far far sharper than just shaving sharp, and I can keep them that way in the woods indefinitely.

A survival knife should be able to easily and safely carve wood for tools, and to make paper thin shavings and feather sticks for fire starting. If one can not keep his knife beyond just shaving sharp, your going to have a tough time carving wood.

I use an EZ-Lap two sided pocket diamond "stone" with a ceramic finishing stone on the reverse side. If I want to take the edge one step futher, I carefully strop the edge on the fatty part of my palm between my pinky finger and my wrist. Key word there is "Carefully"!
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