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Since you are in Prince George, see if you can head over to the Pamplin Park Civil War site.

It's one of the few attempts of a private philanthropic group attempting to save and present American Civil War sites. It has some very well preserved trenches and even picket lines. (I have no clue where you can actually see any picket lines any place else.)

While you are only a few miles from Richmond, the Petersburg area has been pushing their tourism for years and they have a lot more "to do." Richmond has been pretty much "Yeah it's there, so what?"

If you do get into Richmond, Monument Avenue is very pretty and has plenty of monuments to the Confederacy, hence it's name. Hollywood Cemetery is awesome. Two US Presidents, one Confederate President, Civil War dead, and just an over all Gothic design to the place. Mausoleums, not tombstones.

I was going to tell you to go to Kings BBQ, but I heard it closed a few years back. Heck, all the awesome BBQ places that I loved have closed. There are a lot of high profile BBQ places around... But I don't "love" them.

If you are interested in Haunted Houses, Blood Lake in Chesterfield used to put on a great show. I have not been to their new location yet.

Not too sure what all you may have been interested in doing, but in your area there is a lot of history. You aren't all that far from the Bush Gardens or Kings Dominion amusement parks either.
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