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Originally Posted by mac66 View Post
My response in red above
Right, because ALL of my experience with the platform has been via Call of Duty and the internet...

Originally Posted by jbglock View Post
I don't see why it should be an issue if the material is good. My Glocks don't have cracks around any of the pins. I'd prefer a poly lower just to decrease weight. Frankly you won't see acceptance of it by the masses until a big name like Colt or the military starts using them.
Again, Glocks were designed for polymer from the beginning. When you can build the design around the strengths and weaknesses of polymer, then it should come as no surprise that it does well. Aside form a few teething problems, look at the SCAR as an example of this. Same goes for Glock, the HK polymer handguns, the S&W M&P, and many of the other polymer-based SMGs and rifles coming out now. You will also notice that almost every single one of those still retains metal in strategic locations to ensure strength of the finished product - something that is lacking in most (if not all) AR polymer lowers.

Taking a design built from the beginning for metallic structural parts, and trying to make them from polymer is just asking for problems. Look how many times a polymer 1911 has been tried, and how many of them have failed miserably.
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