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Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
Apple's dominance of the tablet market is declining fast. Currently it is down to 52%. a Year ago Android had less than 20% of the tablet market. Today it holds 48%. That is a huge increase in market share in just a year.

Look for it to continue. A year from now expect to see Android with the dominant market share.

As it did with Smartphones Android will dominate not by building a BETTER tablet than iPad but by building CHEAPER tablets with reasonable performance and features.
Apple invented the tablet market. If we're looking at strictly market share, Apple had no where to go but down as soon as there was any competition. Tablets are one of the fastest growing consumer products. The numbers sold are only going up (both Apple and whatever flavor of Android).

OP, the Ipad mini is going to be unveiled on 10/17 and is rumored to hit the stores in early November. Personally, I'd wait to see what the Ipad mini is packing before choosing.
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