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Hold on, I got something new that not even the media is touching.

In the debate Obama said Medicare covers autism. Do your research. It doesn't. My wife, who has her RN and CPN (Certified Pediatric Nurse), jumped on that one immediately.

And, anybody who disputes Romney's claim about how reducing taxes will increase tax revenue obviously had no understanding of Economics 101. So, let me break it down in a nutshell. Reduced taxes increase spending, which also bring in tax revenue. Reduced taxes also reduce burdens on employers, thus creating jobs, which in turn adds tax revenue. If you want to know more look into The Booming 1920s. They started that decade in a recession under a progressive president. New president comes in and reduces taxes. Unemployment goes down, tax revenue goes up, country is more educated than at any other time in its history (including today). That president loses election to new progressive. Country goes back into a ****hole with another recession, aka The Great Depression.

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