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Originally Posted by unit1069 View Post
I still have some Double Tap .357sig ammo I bought in 2007 when DT still had access to Speer's Gold Dots. The bullet in the advertised 125-grain round looks suspiciously like the 124-grain Gold Dot 9mm bullet and not the 125-grain shallow cup .357sig Gold Dot bullet.

I also have some of DT's 147-grain .357sig Gold Dots bought the same year that look exactly like the 9mm bullets.

I've read that when the ammo panic hit in late 2008 Speer quit selling its bullets to some boutique ammo makers, DT being one of them. Do you know for a fact that DT is back to offering Gold Dot rounds?
It was'nt just "botique" mfgrs. that got cut for a while unless you consider Georgia-Arms botique. They've rolled a lot of ammo year in, year out for many years now, great company IMO.

There is only one 147 gr. GD so if you got those from DT, you got what you paid for. Many did not. I bought an entire case of 9x25 from him advertised as 125 GD's and they were Montana Gold. Not happy.

I know BB, DT and G-A all have GD's back in their lineups. Other's to check out include Reeds and Underwood.
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