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I had my gen 2.5 26 at the range last friday. With the 10 round 26 mags, ejection was perfect with all brass landing in a nice little pile. The 26 mags had #1 and 4 followers. I tried some newer 15 round 19 mags in it and it started displaying erratic ejection. I fired several mags through it and on each, the last round ejected at 12 o'clock a few feet in front of the gun. It seemed to me that it is possible that the follower started the ejection process before the case hit the ejector and when the slide started to move forward, the breechface hit the case sending it in the 12 o'clock direction. The 19 mags have the newest #6 gen 4 followers. When inserted into the frame of the 26, the #6 followers sit much higher in relation to the feedramp than the #1 and 4 followers. It is interesting that erratic ejection followed the 19 mag.

Also, when I detail stripped the 19, I noticed the walls of the extractor depressor plunger was chewed up. There were alot of debris in the channel for a gun that has only 500 rounds on it. I wonder if this has anything to do with the reason some folks don't start having problems until they hit a higher round count? If the extractor depressor channel were cut too small or the body of the plunger was slighly too large, what effect would the increased friction on the depressor plunger have on extraction and ejection? Would it affect slide velocity? Would it prevent the extractor from rotating freely?
1. Have you ever chambered a round and then taken the mag out and noticed that the next round has been moved forward a bit? Seems to happen most of the time. And not by the same amount. Since it's pretty well established that Gen 4 9mm Glock ejection needs the support of the next round (the extractor cannot hold the round by itself), if the position of the next round is not consistent, it is logical that ejection would be inconsistent. An interesting test might be to push every next round in the mag back all the way before firing each shot for a mag or two.

2. Bad scoring on the end of the EDP where it enters the channel at the front would very likely cause binding of the extractor function, not the extractor itself. The tensioning of the extractor would be spotty.

I think the wear on the end of the EDP isn't so much a function of too tight of a fit as a sharp edge on the front of the channel. My factory EDP has plenty of play in the channel. Looking down the channel from the rear, it is quite roughly drilled. The slide must be harder material than the EDP, so if the end of the channel is sharp, that would do it. I made a half attempt to break that edge, but it's in an awkward position and would require a small wire or something with 600 grit wrapped on it, and even then it would take more time than I want to put into it. My solution was to harden the Hell out of my homemade EDP. So far so good.
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