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I've had the teeth aches like mentioned on many occasions, and when it sets in hard it has been the amongst the worst pain I've felt and that surpasses a broken hand, fractured skull, being stabbed, and growing up with an older brother... The pain feels like someone has a cigarette lighter on my teeth, and I've accidentally clawed my fingernails into my gums in a frantic pain overload to find a mouthful of blood...

In the years I've had this and several trips to the doctor I have found that this has pretty much eliminated my causes for it...

-When you get the sinus trouble, start drinking tons of water to keep the mucus thin and flowing...

-Stop any dairy consumption to prevent mucus thickening

-Start taking maximum strength Mucinex, again with no dairy and lots of water..

-Keep this up until you're not sick anymore and you are blowing clear and clean...

This is to prevent old mucus from setting up stationary in your sinus, thus becoming infected...

On a side note, five years ago I quit taking all allergy or cold medicine... I only use mucinex and water to clear it out... I've gone from a hopeless allergy nightmare to someone that only has minor effects anymore and spring/ autumn doesn't make me suicidal... Coincidence, I don't know but I'm living a little bit better life and not complaining..
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