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Originally Posted by MarcDW View Post
I would catch up with the guy and hit him with the barrel or stock from behind over the head.
Multiple times until he drops and lets go of the child.
I would avoid shooting him specially if he ran away (without the child now)!
It would not be self defense at this time and hard to defend in court!
Really? Is that the law in the state you live in, or do you just think it is?

In most states, like here in KY, this is a perfectly clear deadly force situation and would be easier to justify in court than having the guy break into your house and point a gun at you (aside from the fact that you wouldn't have to go to court here, because arresting or prosecuting you would be illegal). I'd be very surprised if there is a state that doesn't allow deadly force to prevent kidnapping.

I'm pretty sure no state limits deadly force to just "self defense."
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