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Normally if I can take it somewhere im legally able to I will be carrying..but for me with doing coaching and sports related activities with kids in areas(schools, sports arenas) i cant CC much of my off time is spent NOT CCing as a result. Again when im just hanging out at the house for the day I dont CC around the house as im normally just wearing a pair of sweats/athletic pants and they are not very conducive to CCing.

Normally if I run downtown to grab milk or eggs at the store on a day like that I have to wardrobe change(which would probably take longer than the trip its self) or just make the run...normally I just make the thinking of getting one of 2 things for that...a small 9mm like the PF9 or LC9 or more likely cause its a LOT less $$ one of those smart carry holsters..just dont have it yet.

Now when im off and I know we are going out for the day where ever it is and im not coaching that day and we are going out ..yes then I will be 100% CCing,
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