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Originally Posted by SGT HATRED View Post
I'm thinking the OP's post was sarcasm. The police officer in the video was quite professional. What I don't understand is why the OCers didn't walk away when the cop gave them that option multiple times...
Because, aside from being stupid POSs, their only purpose for going through town with rifles was to provoke a confrontation with police and put it on youtube. They want to show that the officer was violating their rights and to walk away when he told them they could would not create that impression.

What I want to see is the video when a non-officer takes their guns and beats their ###es. If you've ever dealt with or known people like these (and you aren't one) you know a 16-year-old gang banger could rob them without being in serious danger.

Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Too many people, including a number on this board, feel that confrontation is in order, merely to make themselves feel good about carrying a gun. They think, "Man, I really showed that jack booted thug, pig of a cop" when acting like an immature child.
My best guess is, in their minds, like that Leonard fellow with the orange AK, they think they will be some sort of heroes to gun owners. They don't get that the only people who think they're "cool" when they see these videos are their fellow mall-ninja-nerds who also just recently added guns alongside their comic book and sci-fi hobbies.
Anti-gun liberals can only call us idiots; it takes an idiot with a gun to prove them right.
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