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Must be an INFIDEL!

I carry RARELY! Mostly within the restrictions of my New York carry permit: hunting, fishing, trapping and target shooting, and travel to & from.

If I carried at another time it wouldn't be illegal, a judge could take away the opportunity entirely if I were out of compliance.

Do I worry? NO!

Do I plan to move out of state? NO!

And before some simpleton pipes up with, "I wouldn't live in such a #%€ŁĄ&$@ repressive state! MOVE!", let me say that safety and quality of life where I live are as good as anywhere. There's a lot more to MY life than just carrying a gun 24/7. I've not needed one for self defense for the last 70 years and am highly unlikely to for the next 35 or so. I'm WAY more likely to buy the farm encountering a big garbage truck on my little mail route.

That being said, my G27 in it's CBST feels good on my hip when I wear it, and I would if I could all the time, but it's no big deal that I choose not to.

OK wait a minute until I don my -retardant garb!
Irresponsible use of alcohol kills many times those killed by guns. And look what happened to PROHIBITION 100 years ago!
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