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Originally Posted by 4949shooter View Post
Good video.

I would be curious to know what steps Glock is taking to correct these issues, if any. Who knows? Glock inc. might be selling so many pistols that they don't care about the (possibly few) numbers that exhibit BTF.

My guess is that most gun owners don't shoot thousands of rounds through their guns like we do. Typical example...I took my buddy down to the LGS and got him a deal on a Gen 4 G22. We went to the range twice and put a few boxes through it with the gun working great. Now I can't get him to go back to the range unless I twist his arm. I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of gun owners fall into this category. A Glock that throws BTF after a thousand rounds will never become an issue for these folks. And Glock keeps selling guns and making money. It's all about $$.
4949 Shooter
I think you have come up with a reasonable theory .
Many gun owners are not shooters as many deer hunters are not shooters.
I know many hunters that may or may not take their rifle to the range to check sights once or twice a year.
Then I know a couple that are practicing different positions,differing ranges all the time looking to improve their shooting.
I suspect the same holds true for Glock owners,shooters.
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