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Possible explanation:

In another thread: I showed pictures of my home made Spring Loaded Bearing (SLB). JBS asked me if I had noticed wear to the front of the Extractor Depressor Plunger (EDP) where it enters the slide at the front. At first I said no, but on closer examination, yes there was definitely scoring in that location after about 500 rounds. JBS said that he had seen extensive wear in this area on a number of guns. As a result of this I made my own EDP to go with my SLB. In my last picture you can plainly see the wear starting on the factory part. This, if allowed to continue, could definitely cause binding in the action of the extractor. You might want to check your EDP for this.

On second thought, why make you read the entire old thread. Here's the image of the worn EDP along with my home made one. Mine top, factory bottom.

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