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Originally Posted by frank4570 View Post
I was at a church dinner tonight with some christians tonight and this topic came up, so I thought I would bounce it off you guys just for the sake of discussion.

Lets say there is a person who is a "fire and brimstone" type evangelical. Lets say he learns that it is more effective to be a "jesus loves you" type evangelical. "jesus loves you" will save more people than "turn or burn."
Is this person now obligated to try to change or suffer for failing.

I know I'm playing kind of fast and loose with the terms, but you get what I'm trying to say. And no, I don't have any studies or anything to support this idea.
Schisms are born of questions like that. Ultimately, people believe what they want and make the Bible agree with them so it's a moot question.

In my experience, their beliefs change when their previous beliefs aren't serving them well. People who don't fit in and aren't very happy with their lots go for the fire and brimstone. They look forward to the people they don't get along with getting their comeuppance. People who are happy and loving tend to take the God is love approach. Of course, things can change in ones life and beliefs often change to reflect those changes.
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