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Originally Posted by llcoolj_2222 View Post
60$ is ******** over 10% of the product end user price, for a part that glock should have been providing in the first place..
Glock should be shipping workable guns from the factory,no dispute.
They aren't.
Glock-factory OEM- MiMed extractor - cost for them to produce that part,we will most likely find out,guess 2.00.

Apex- replacement extractor-tool steel-EDM machined,comes with SLB extractor depressor plunger and EDP spring.

Again we will most likely find out the cost to produce ,if one understands the methods used to produce the two parts,the apex part is more costly to produce.


EDM machining

EDM is a more costly,precise part produced of solid steel rather than powdered metal with a plastic binder,heated.
I know which of the two will wear better,hold up longer.
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