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Originally Posted by Beretta92guy View Post
oh man, last week i was sick as a dog with sinus/cold....felt like death-warmed-over.....

about the only relief was getting in the shower with the hottest water i could stand.....

sinus headaches and colds are the worst
I've had sinus headaches for 40 years. I used to get them on the weekends. Wifey figured out it was the cheese on pizza we had on Fridays after work. Sometimes, not all the time. I'd be in bed or the shower for half a day. I take Psudoephedrine Hydrocloride 30mg. Generic or Sudafed brand name. You have to ask for it and sign for it (methheads use it to make meth). They keep it behind the counter because all the methheads were stealing it. Gov't stepped in and makes you sign and it's kept in a data base. Don't even try the Sudafed PE. It's 'candy' and doesn't help. Only take one.

I've learned to watch for signs of an oncoming headache. It usually starts on one side or the other of my head and starts behind the ear on the neck and works it's way over the top to behind my eyes. I've learned to catch it before I'm bedridden.

I hope this helps because they are a b****.
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