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There may not be a cure to sinus colds. But I have found these things help alot to manage the symptoms. Try 500mg vitiman C, 2-3 times a day. It helps my body produce mucus, (which we need). I think it also curbs plaque buildup in the arteries. Don't take too much. If you do, the mucus gets too thinned out to do its job. And then you do have sinus problems. Eat oatmeal every morning with a tablespoon full of cinamon underneath (it helps the swelling of Arthritus and it tastes good). Hot spicy foods help by opening sinuses. And I heard wild honey helps you build up immunities to your local pollens that cause sinus infections in the first place,(I haven't tried that one yet). Netti pots will help you de-congest and sleep when nothing else will work. I always use the saleen salts provided, and warm water. Get a Flu Shot... If you do get a nagging cough. try eccanasia drops, (without alcohol). Drip a few drops right onto the back of your tounge. It will slow the coughing down a little. It tastes lousy, but you will learn to really appreciate it. It can actually nip a cough in the bud, if you catch it early enough. I take a few asprin at bed time too. I may die in my sleep someday, but it helps loosen things up, and I fall asleep quicker too. I swear by my C-pap machine. It has kept me from getting a sore throat for 5 years now! Breathing through the nose only, while sleeping is the reason. I have antibiotics prescribed too. I use them to control staff infections in my neck that flare up from time to time, and cause stiffness. Added benefit is, they come in handy if a real flu bug gets a grip on me. After 50 years I have found these truths to be self evident.
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