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Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
Had I known I was going to have to write a report a couple of weeks after the fact I would have taken notes. Here is the conversation as I remember it.

I was essentially making small talk with my brother in law asking how his relatively new job has been going. I asked him because his old job was essentially the same thing but over time they added on a second department under him. Admissions and Registrar is a bit much.

He said things were going well he was just having to deal with some egos.

I responded with, "Pretty much the same as before. Are budget cuts the problem?" I asked him this because at his last two universities that was a huge part of his problems.

He said budgeting wasn't a problem at this school. (I had heard that before from my sister about this school but I wanted to hear it from him.) He said it was just egos.

I asked him for an example and then he got my attention with, "The engineering department doesn't think physics is a real science."

This got my attention because I had always thought of physics as being a science. I pretty much said, "What do you mean it isn't a science?"

He replied "Engineers don't think physics is a scinece because it is theoretical and engineering is tangible."

I said, "You mean like the Big Bang Theory vs. designing a bridge?"

He said, "Exactly."

We then moved onto lighter topics like his commute to and from work or something else completely forgetable. Had I known I was going to get grilled I would have asked him who told him this, when, why, etc. For all I know the head of the engineering department might hold a grudge against the head of the physics department.

That conversation seems pretty simple and straightforward to me. If you have a problem with it take it up with my brother in law, not me. He has 15 years as the registrar or admissions or both at three universities in CA. Smallest 25,000 and the largest 39,000. Prior to that he was the student trustee for the CSU system as an undergrad. Until you can match his credentials or tell me where he is wrong, FOAD.

Your brother in law is an idiot then...and HE didnt understand the situation.

...and you still dont.

I dont know how else to get the point across to you. With each post, you only assure everyone that you dont have the slightest clue. Again, you are speaking a language you dont understand and relating information from someone who did not speak that language either....To me, and I speak that language.

You are hanging your hat on what a non engineer or physicist said about engineers and physicists. You are a blithering idiot.

Oh, and BTW, my creds in physics and engineering are better than his. He has none. I have a collection.
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