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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
No Sam brings the intellectual wood
Dude, no wait, let me make that...

Dear CF,

Give props where props are due. Please...

CACop has a grasp on reality that you and I can only covet and aspire to. (Along the line of relevant experiences versus life experiences kind of thing mind you.)

Anyway, CACop is among the top five on GT that can decode posts correctly as well as analytically so as to better other people's judgement(s) on a thread. This fact in itself is noteworthy and appreciable to "maroons" like us when it comes to life-versus-life issues.

I hate telling ya this bud, cause you are cool guy, but CACop is one of them types that could be a professional PORT-O-LET driver. You see, he not only knows his ****, but he also understands your **** and my **** as well. Simply put, the guy knows his stuff when it comes to being human.

I hate coming out on ya CF, but Props where Props are due when it comes to that guy. No hard feelings man.
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