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No matter how you look at it, South Carolina has a good (great) coach. As does Oregon and Alabama. It's honestly looking like Notre Dame picked the right man (Kelly) for the job...West Virginia has a good coach, but great talent with Geno Smith as QB.

South Carolina plays good teams great and bad teams badly. But with Spurrier as the head coach...they are always dangerous...very dangerous against a good team. As much as I detest Steve Spurrier, I have to admit he's a great coach.

When it comes to college football, it's not always the most talented team of players who win (talent helps, but a great coach makes a big difference).

The problem with a great coach and coaching staff...if they keep on winning, other teams give offers to the assistant coaches, making them head coaches and the great team soon becomes depleted.

FSU, under Bobby Bowden was a powerhouse team, up until Georgia lured their offensive coordinator, Mark Richt. Then FSU steadily began to really fall was an end of an era combined with Bobby Bowden making his son, Jeff Bowden, (the "Fredo" of the Bowden brothers) FSU's Offensive was a true disaster. Bowden was ahead of Joe Paterno in wins until he made that blunder of a move.

Mark Richt was a great offensive coordinator. Jimbo Fisher was a very good offensive coordinator...They both just don't do quite as well being Head Coaches. Just an opinion.
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