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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
They're in the bottom of the top 25 and lets face it, they've beaten nobody's who probably won't be there at season's end. And USC is a good football team.

Oregon's defense is 34th in points against vs a pudding schedule. They've given up 99pts in the first 5 games. That isn't outstanding defense by any measure.

SC just destroyed #5, will destroy LSU next week and will likely beat a top 10 Florida with authority. And they're 7th in points against.

If SC runs the table in the East and Bama runs the table in the west with a tight game in the SEC championship, they make a strong argument to leapfrog Oregon and have another SEC rematch in the BCS game.
...thus providing another quality example of why a playoff system is needed. Too much speculation and what ifs.
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