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Originally Posted by BearMBD View Post
I can't wait for the season to begin. It's nice to see respectful posts in regards to rivalrys. Not all of Alabama fans are loudmouths lol. Bring on Michigan. Roll Tide

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I think Saban could learn a few things from those fans. He better not stop by in Utah. His fate is worse than anything LSU would do to him. Yeah, Utah won, but that didn't change what he said.

In case nobody can tell, I'm a Utah Utes fan. I've been one since before Urban Meyer became a household name, which started at Utah. I'm there for the wins and the losses. Speaking of losses, this season might be one of those rare times we don't go to a bowl game. First QB is out for the rest of his life. Second QB sucks. 3rd QB has talent and size, but he's a freshman. 3rd OC in as many years. 3rd offensive scheme in as many years. As long as we show improvement next year I'll be happy.

As for Thursday night's loss to USC, the Utes deserve to lose that game. Too many damn mistakes and penalties. You'll never win playing undisciplined football. That game was USCs to lose too. They also had way to many penalties.

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