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Originally Posted by Bow Commander View Post
6 of 12 teams are in the top 25. "Our" defense is outstanding and our offense is clicking well. I don't suspect a loss, USC may give us fits playing in their house though. We'll see. We definitely wouldn't get to the BCS championship as a one loss team.
They're in the bottom of the top 25 and lets face it, they've beaten nobody's who probably won't be there at season's end. And USC is a good football team.

Oregon's defense is 34th in points against vs a pudding schedule. They've given up 99pts in the first 5 games. That isn't outstanding defense by any measure.

SC just destroyed #5, will destroy LSU next week and will likely beat a top 10 Florida with authority. And they're 7th in points against.

If SC runs the table in the East and Bama runs the table in the west with a tight game in the SEC championship, they make a strong argument to leapfrog Oregon and have another SEC rematch in the BCS game.

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