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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
As someone who's worked with explosives, the biggest fact that remains undiscovered, and would conclusively prove. And who's mysterious non appearance, pretty much conclusively dis-proves the "explosive implosion" theory, where are the explosive indicators?

Where are the fragments of the support beams/structure severed by military grade explosives?

Where are the detonator fragments?

Where are the initiator indicators?

Granted, I've never demo'd a building. But the few times I worked with EOD blowing up small cache's of weapons/UXO we found fragments from what we set off. Having seen the required amounts to demo that, and whats left over, you'll never convince me you could hide from the entire world, what it would take to demo 1 tower at the WTC, much less 3. ...
You hold a great position, and this one little nagging fact bugged me too for the longest time. Well, it bugged me until I found out that NIST NEVER TESTED, CHECKED, OR LOOKED FOR ANYTHING RELATED TO EXPLOSIVES USED ON 09-11-2001.

NIST made the proclaimation(s) that no explosives or trace of explosives were found in all the numerous piles of debris they went through. Some genius (I say that in bigheartedness) finally realized the right question to ask NIST was on this wise. "hey NIST, did you actually look for, test, or try to find any explosives or trace of explosives?"

Basically NIST answered on this wise, "NO, we NEVER TESTED OR LOOKED FOR EXPLOSIVES as there wasn't any good reason to do so."

NIST's answer makes any rational person go, "WTF!!!"

Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
... But, like I said, you believed a "navy seal" was recruited by the CIA to kill a naval officer, I can absolutely beleive you'd buy that 9/11 was an inside job, and the buildings brought down by explosives.
Yeah, I believed him.

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