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Originally Posted by tsmo1066 View Post
I don't think you're listening to what everyone else is saying. OF COURSE there were explosions inside 7WTC, big ones, and many of them.

Only an idiot would expect anything else considering what was stored and used in those buildings.

The question is not whether there were internal explosions, but rather what proof there is that these were caused by intentionally planted and detonated bombs as part of some bizarre, all-consuming conspiracy.

And the answer to that question is that there isn't any.
I disagree. This tired, old *ss excuse of office building contents causing all the explosions is merely the repeated fantasy notions of someone unwilling to accept the truth.

Obviously you missed this video of 7WTC that's been around since last year.


If office contents caused these explosions in 7 WTC, they were some pretty "smart" office products to cause the building to fail.

NOTE: TSMO, see the penthouse structure collapse (upper right corner of the screen) just before the fade to black? I compared to this to numerous other views on video and there is no escaping that WTC 7 was imploded on 09-11-2001.

Now, since WTC 7 was imploded, what else are the conspirators lying to us about concerning the 09-11 event?

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