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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Another ijit... sheesh...

mike, had it not been for the families members of the murdered 09-11 victims, there would have been no "truther" movement. The documents supplied to the family members under FOIA requests are what have blown this whole thing open. For you to summarily dismiss their investigations is spitting on the memory of their family members who were murdered on 09-11.

Anyway, IMO, you're a ignoramus for trying to hyper-emotionalize this issue by throwing up the family members as a reason to not speak out. (You don't realize it, but this was the view disseminated to American sheeple as part of the coverup story, it worked for non-thinking sheeple and those idiotically stupid main stream news reporters and talking heads, but it never worked against the actual family members. Thank G-d! ETA2: By the way, props to whom props due, heraldo rivera has come around thanks to WTC7. Nice to see he is not buying the lie anymore.))

It is not in spite of them, but rather it is for friends and family members of the 09-11 victims that MILLIONS of Americans are speaking out. Take your government shill job excuses not to investigate deeper somewhere else. It won't work on free thinking Americans.

You see, it was other peoples' family members on 09-11-2001, not yours or mine. Since then, there have been over 200,000 other peoples' family members murdered, of these, over 50,000 have been the families of American soldiers either killed (roughly 5,000) or wounded (roughly 49,000) since the "war on terrorists and those who assist them"' began on 09-12-2001. The rest have been the babies, children, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etcetera who couldn't give a rat's *ss about attacking or hurting anyone in this country.

Even the ones who have picked up weapons against our troops abroad, in most all cases, only do so as they are having their countries invaded. You and I would do the same were the positions reversed!

No thanks, we are no longer buying the story you've obviously swallowed hook, line, and sinker as an excuse from our government's propaganda machine to not denigrate the memories of the 09-11 victims or their family members by not investigating what occurred on 09-11 as it is the actual family members who have led the way all this time.

The 09-11 victims' friends and family members are the tip on the "Truther" movement's spear!

ETA1: I'm sure some of the family members want you to see this:

You have just crossed the line, friend. Eugene Whelen, Eng. 230, FDNY was my first cousin. HH
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