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Originally Posted by bobtheelf View Post
So you find it more reasonable to believe that we had a perfect implosion that had never been tested, in a brand new form, from the top down, with zero prep work, explosives covertly placed inside two (three!) of the busiest office buildings in the world that somehow no one noticed, that were placed at exactly the right height to coincide exactly with the impact location of two planes, that left no trace whatsoever, while thousands of people involved in the airlines, government, families of the people on the airliners, local authorities, etc were all in on the conspiracy, for the sole purpose of starting a war in the middle east or Afghanistan that we could have started for any number of other reasons....

On top of that, this same group who can do all the above which has no qualms killing thousands of people don't bother to kill people who know the "truth."

Maybe it is just me, but if I were part of some secret group that can pull off flawless plans such as this would want to make sure to get rid of any loose ends that continue spouting off what really happened. They wouldn't be that hard to find either, since they are fairly public. They seem to enjoy uploading YouTube videos and post in forums to spread the word.

Originally Posted by HollowHead View Post
You missed a few hundred as there were probably more. Only an idiot wouldn't realize what happens to a building filled with over 10,000 CRT computer monitors, thousands of gallons of toluene and acetone (the company I worked for alone had an on-site permit for two 55 gallon barrels of acetyl acetone...and we stored much, much more), welding equipment during continuous renovations, etc. all being poured on by 50,000 pounds plus of burning JetA. Hell, the fire supression charging system alone at Windows On The World could have brough One down alone. Yeah, there were indeed internal explosions. HH

Offices like those would probably have UPS devices on each computer as well. The batteries on those things could possibly cause a nice fire and/or explosion should they get hot enough.
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