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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
I didn't say they all do, I merely stated that they must make a choice. Certainly, many think up inventive equivocations to rationalize their choice, but the bible (if read plainly and in context) is clear on this point. Compromise is not allowed. A benevolent, divinely inspired monarchy is put forth in the bible as the perfect form of government, not a democratic republic such as we have in this country.

Fair enough then, many religious folk don't follow their bibles to a T. If they did, we'd really be screwed! The few that do we call "extremists"

Anyways, my point is, if that politician claims to be of faith, but does not follow the bible when it comes to politics (and advocates freedom/personal liberties). I'll take him any day over an "Atheist" like Stalin. Religion, or lack thereof does not automatically make you a good or bad politician.

Back to what you were originally getting at though, yes I wouldn't want someone who followed the bible to a T, because I'm not a fan of the government it advocates, as you said.

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