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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
An openly atheist POTUS would be just as significant to our national I.D. as the first African American, first woman, first 'fill in the blank' president. It would mean we have made tremendous strides towards tolerance, diversity and the absolute meaning of 'freedom of religion'.
First black president, female, etc is insignificant in my eyes. It's the policy that matters, not the religion, or lack thereof.

I'm Atheist, but I do not live in a fantasy world that all Atheists are amazing people. If I'm not mistaken, Stalin was an Atheist, we saw how well he worked out in a position of power.......

It has been my finding that people of my particular complexion have not faired very well in holy scriptures. We often seem to be a curse of some sort or find ourselves enslaved.

Nothing to do with politics if the person of faith keeps their religion out of their policies, and understands the constitution and freedom.

At least the Constitution (by way of amendment) recognizes my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Good, and (should) hold liberty higher than any religion. We're a republic, not a theocracy.
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