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Originally Posted by Cav View Post
Well if a family can sue police for what their idiot kids do, why not let police sue family's for what their idiot kids do.

IMHO every time a family sues the police, the police should counter sue. Granted the police might not get anything, but a nice judgement could be paid off one day and would cut back on silly law suits.
Because families are not --and should not -- be responsible for what their adult children do. Many of those lawsuits are "silly" which I guess you mean have no legal basis, and are by definition frivolous.

On the other hand, you advocate counter-suing every family as a matter of course. What would the grounds be? No grounds = frivolous lawsuit. Regardless, I doubt that you would find a prosecutor willing to risk a bar card doing this because it is unethical.

Don't forget that there are cases in which the cops screw up and compensation is fair, whether the victim is sleazy or not.

Consider returning to the time in which a husband was criminally liable for the criminal acts of his wife? She steals; he goes to the pokey. Is that fair?

Due process exists for a reason. Without it, totalitarian states thrive. Is that where you want to live? Besides, Due Process in in that Constitution which you swore to uphold.
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