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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
I'm not aware of any theistic belief system that does not require its followers to adhere to doctrine in all aspects of life. In other words, if a christian truly believes in their faith then they are required to follow the tenets of that faith in all circumstances. So, if a christian is elected president then they have a dilemma. Either do the job in the manner that those that elected them want it done, or do it in the manner that they believe god wants it done.

I witnessed this first hand when I attended a christian business school. Each class incorporated christian principles into the curriculum in the form of a "christian worldview" assignment in which you had to deal with a scenario where the correct business decision was not entirely in alignment with christian principles. The "correct" answer was invariably considered to be the one that put god before stakeholders.

Simply put, a christian can not avoid legislating their faith (and still be considered a good christian).
As much as I detest religion, all religious folk do not inject their religious views into their political beliefs. To quantify how many do or don't is up for debate. To say they all do, isn't accurate though.

Are those who don't inject their religious views into politics not "religious" by your standards? Perhaps...... But if they go by the Christian label, but adhere to good policies that advocate freedom (libertarianism in my case if I were to vote for a religious politician).
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