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Originally Posted by mike g35 View Post
We'll, after reading all the responses I will agree that you all make valid points that are stated well and are well thought out. BUT, I still can't help but feel there's more to the mysteries of the universe than science. Meaning I still think we have a higher power than ourselves looking out for and after us. It's hard to explain, though I know evolution is FACT and I believe nearly all that science teaches us I can't help but FEEL there's more to our existence than that. Is it god? Is it our ancestors? Is it aliens? Is it a hot Asian chick riding an elephant with a mini gun on its head? I have no freaking idea. But I FEEL there's more, and since that's what I feel that's what I will continue to believe. Maybe one day god or whatever will reveal itself to us, or maybe not, but until I KNOW I will continue to search for answers.
P.S. I do not let religious dogma from past centuries rule my behavior. I'm a modern believer with modern beliefs and I refuse to curb my "god given" appetites and my nature. Ill enjoy what I like and hope for the best.

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Again, not trying to be an ass, but you're feeling your way through this. Which sounds like you're feeling with emotion.

Good comparison to this, would be anti-gunners or on the fence people who feel gun control reduces crime, even when there's no solid proof it does indeed do this.
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