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Originally Posted by GlockPistola View Post
Maybe he is contemplating to voluntarily give up his second term, so that he is not blamed for the upcoming economic meltdown (aka shtf). He might be trying to protect his "legacy."
Possible, but I've got to say, I was not a Romney fan. i thought he was the least acceptable and least electable of the Republican candidates. Having said that, I liked what I saw in the debate. Romney looked like a man who was in his element when talking about the economy. He acted like he felt that he had the answers. His entire demeanor hit me as, "The economy? Don't worry about it. I got this...". He didn't strike me as being afraid of taking on the economic problems we're having. Not one little bit.

If you think about it, it makes sense. What he did at Bain capital was, they didn't buy bad companies. They bought good companies that COULD have been successful, but were being poorly run and mismanaged into failure. isn't that what we think is happening to the country?

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