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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
1. In spite of your feelings, you are still wrong, and so is anyone who told you what you are passing on. If you would like to be right, I tried it nice, and you still didnt get it. You asserted your wrongness again.

2. My first wife did not "leave me." It was a very mutual split. I have been honest about mistakes I made, dont confuse that with "left me." However, I must have really hurt your feelings for you to lash out like that. How old are you? Do you feel like I stuffed you in a school locker or gave you a swirley?

Youre a cop. I assume you have worked patrol. Did you (of course, it is common) see someone, with your own eyes, do something that you have a lot of training to know is against the law?...then when you confront them about it, they lie to you or tell you someone said it was OK, start dropping names...or worse, start talking BS about what the law is?

You are being that guy about this subject.
Just passing on a story my brother in law told me. He is in a position to know. I trust him because I know him personally. I do not know you.
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