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Originally Posted by Mrs. VR View Post
so, we went on our once a decade or so date night tonight, and tried out the new Not Your Average Joe's that just hit town.

For those not familiar it is a chain place from Massachusetts, and has recently expanded to MD and VA.
We've had the one in Ashburn off of belmont ridge rd and 7 for a couple of years. Its a decent date bar if you want to meet someone for drinks. Menu didn't look too bad but always seem to do more drinking than eating when there.

Originally Posted by Mrs. VR View Post
They had Arnold Palmer's on the menu (free refills) so I didn't have to explain what I meant about half iced tea half lemonade.
Wegmans had this on sale the other day, 2 1-gal jugs for 5 bucks. I grabbed 4 of em. HAve to remember to get the Zero and not the Lite, still too sweet. AZ Tea variety. TRying to drink stuff like this instead of soda so much.

Originally Posted by Mrs. VR View Post
It's probably not a "real" date kind of place (like for someone who HASN'T been married close to 20 years), .

OOoooohhhoohoho yes it is! I could tell some tales from the parking lot after but this forum is a family joint.

Nice bar scene.
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