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Originally Posted by mike g35 View Post
However, I still don't think atheists should post on threads by Christians telling them how wrong they are and making fun at their expense. Not for religious reasons, and not because of the first amendment, basically just because its disrespectful to others. Being polite is the right thing to do, whether your a Christian or an atheist or an odinite or whatever you may be. We all have the right to enjoy our faith or lack of faith or whatever.
First, we don't argue against theists just for the sake of making them look stupid (although I do concede that sometimes civility breaks down here).

Second, the problem with this thought is that you assume that faith in a deity is a harmless act. It is far from it. Once you convince yourself that you know what this supreme deity wants from you and others it becomes very easy to justify actions that would not be ethical otherwise.

Even in a democratic republic such as the US, we have theists attempting to vote their beliefs on everyone. Abortion restrictions, gay marriage bans, stem cell research limitations are just a few examples. If theists would leave their beliefs out of the public debate then I would gladly leave the topic alone, but as long as they keep trying to enforce their views on everyone then I will keep arguing against them and I don't really care if I have to be impolite about it.
CavDoc: "If you have to pretend that a person with a different opinion has an opinion other than his own in order to score points in an argument, you've forfeited any points that you pretended to have."
CavDoc: "You consider yourself as non-religious, and I consider you a religious zealot."

JBnTX: "Freedom of religion doesn't mean you can worship any God, anyway you see fit or not even worship any God if you so choose. [...] Christianity should be the only religion protected under the constitution, and congress shall make no law restricting its practice."

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