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Originally Posted by Silent_Runner View Post
This is very true.

Prayers and condolences sent. I am so sorry to hear this awful news.

I hope you have better results next time. Perhaps we all need to move into a nursing home together.

It sounds like you are doing well. I hope that continues. I wish you could share your ability to sleep with Wolfe.

Wolfe the cancer has not spread as on now and it probably will not. There is no need for you to plan in giving up while you are still winning your battle. You are going to beat this cancer and rebuild your life.

Your father is in my prayers.

I agree with you if there is no hope but not until then. Wolfe has come back from too much to give up easily.
Nursing home? Hell, no! My FIL is in one and that's the last place I want to go. My idea is that we all pool our resources and buy a very large condo on a beach somewhere. A couple of nurses and docs on call should do. Don't shoot me down, I can dream, can't I?

No, she can't give up now, and she hasn't. Besides, she hasn't visited me yet.

I slept better last night with a little OTC non Benadryl help. I had to get up early for work yesterday so that helped, too. Plus Mrs Bob vacated the bed again. I'm having a little pain but nothing major. Just enough to start my hydrocodone again. I'm trying to get off it. Something is zapping my energy and I don't like it. Hopefully that will pass soon too.
"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me". Philippians 4:13.
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