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my once in a blue moon restaurant review; Not Your Average Joe's (Mass/VA/M

so, we went on our once a decade or so date night tonight, and tried out the new Not Your Average Joe's that just hit town.

For those not familiar it is a chain place from Massachusetts, and has recently expanded to MD and VA.

We enjoyed it very much! They start you off with fresh focacia and a dip made of red pepper flakes, olive oil, parmesean and LOTS OF FRESH GARLIC. I LOVE GARLIC! We will have NO VAMPIRES in the house tonight.

I had a seasonal special, it was a citrus grilled chicken with a pumpkin mole sauce, sauteed spinach and corn cakes. Holy. Mackerel. Was it ever good!

Jay had a chicken piccata with fettuccine which was also quite good.

They had Arnold Palmer's on the menu (free refills) so I didn't have to explain what I meant about half iced tea half lemonade.

It was a family type atmosphere, quite casual, would go back and take the kids. Prices were reasonable, portions were good (I have lunch for tomorrow), and I honestly couldn't find a darn thing to complain about food wise.

If you are a drinker (we are not), they had a pretty big brew menu/bar, but I can't really speak to that.

It's probably not a "real" date kind of place (like for someone who HASN'T been married close to 20 years), but if you have one near you, and you aren't a chain snob, I think you might like it!

oh, and you can sign up for coupons/bday specials, etc.

That is all! Slipping back into my food coma now....


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